Vegan Seitan Pepperoni

Bold, flavorful, smoky, and a little spicy, this Vegan Pepperoni is obscenely close to the real thing but without any animal cruelty.

Add everything except the vital wheat gluten to your food processor

Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides if necessary.

Then add the vital wheat gluten and mix until just combined

Add contents to bowl

Knead and add vital wheat gluten if mixture is too wet

Divide your mixture in even halfs or fourths, depending on how large you want your pepperonis

Now wrap it by rolling it up in the foil, smoothing the sides as you go. Roll fairly tightly, but don’t be overly concerned about it.

Add the wrapped pepperoni to the steamer insert and then steam on high heat for 35 minutes

Slice and Enjoy!