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Two stacked vegan smores on a table

Vegan Smores

  • Author: Liz Madsen
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 4 smores 1x
  • Diet: Vegan


Classic & nostalgic, vegan smores are fun to make at home. Dark chocolate, vegan marshmallows and graham crackers make this a yummy dessert.


  • 8 graham crackers (homemade or store bought) (see note 1)
  • 1 bar of dark chocolate, cut into 4 sections (see note 2)
  • 4 vegan marshmallows (see note 3)


  1. Microwave Method: The easiest method by far is to microwave your smores. I recommend making no more than 1 or 2 at a time to keep things even. Our microwave is so old it doesn’t have a turntable! So we just made 1 at a time. Place your upside down graham cracker on a plate and add appropriately sized chocolate on top. Place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Leave off the top graham cracker. We used Dandies vegan marshmallows and they only took 20 seconds in the microwave on high! As soon as the marshmallow expands a lot, stop the microwave. Press the marshmallow down a bit and add your 2nd graham cracker on top. Voila!
  2. Oven Method: Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 218 degrees Celsius. If you have a broiler, I would broil at 400 Fahrenheit (205 Celsius). Line a cookie sheet with parchment, a silicone baking mat, or foil for easy clean up. Place your graham crackers upside down on the cookie sheet. Make just one or ten smores this way, but make sure to leave at least an inch of space between each cracker since the marshmallow expands so much. On one graham cracker, place the chocolate and on the other graham cracker, place the marshmallow. Cook until the marshmallows have expanded a lot, about 5-10 minutes. If broiling, leave the door open a bit and check after 30 seconds, and again after a minute. It will happen much faster with a broiler.
  3. Grill Method: Get your graham cracker and chocolate ready on a plate. Add your marshmallow to a skewer and carefully roast it in the flame. If you like your marshmallow only lightly cooked, don’t let it completely catch fire--just cook it on the outer edge of the fire. If you like that super-cooked marshmallowy goodness, let your marshmallow catch fire and quickly blow it out. Then quickly and carefully sandwich the marshmallow in between one chocolate covered graham cracker and the other graham cracker.
  4. Fun Idea: Let your smores cool and freeze it. Once frozen, dunk it in melted chocolate and freeze again until the chocolate sets. Yum!


  • Note 1: I made my own vegan graham crackers but you definitely don’t need to. I found out on PETA that Nabisco’s original graham crackers are supposedly vegan, but make sure to read the ingredients carefully for honey, milk, or eggs (I don’t think graham crackers have eggs but you can never be too careful!)
  • Note 2: Any vegan chocolate will work. I used a 70% dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s. They come in a pack of 3 and they’re very inexpensive. I recommend a thick chocolate bar (mine was slightly thicker than ¼” inch) because when it melts you don’t want the marshmallow to overwhelm it. You also want the chocolate to stay a bit more solid than the marshmallow because otherwise it will all melt off and your smore won’t taste very chocolaty.
  • Note 3: Most marshmallows unfortunately contain gelatin, an animal product. Gelatin is not usually considered even vegetarian, as it is directly made from animal parts. However, luckily there are vegan marshmallows available! You can find them at Trader Joe’s (they have their own brand), but the brand I prefer is Dandies which can be found online or at health food stores or stores like Whole Foods Market. Dandies melt extremely well and taste just like the marshmallows I remember eating as a kid.
  • Prep Time: 1 minute
  • Cook Time: 4 minutes
  • Category: Dessert, Snack
  • Method: Microwave, Oven, Stove top, Grill
  • Cuisine: American

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